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 Triangle Digital Inks                          

Ochre is the dealer for Triangle Digital Inks in the South West of England. We work closely with our partners Josero who are the Triangle master dealers for the UK.

Triangle inks are not the cheapest alternative inks on the market but they are the best quality and can still save you upto 50% over the price of OEM inks without any reduction in quality and service. Choosing an ink based purely on price may save you more money in the short run but ask yourself a few questions before you make your final decision. Has the manufacturer cut corners on quality control or batch to batch consistency to achieve this low price? Is the price so low that there can't possibly be any customer support or technical back up? If something does go wrong, where will they be when you need support? Not all alternative inks are the same.

Triangle not only make inks to be sold under their own name but also make inks for printer manufacturers. How many printer manufacturers make ink? Who would you trust to make ink, a printer manufacturer or an ink manufacturer? Triangle inks are certified by many printhead manufacturers around the world such as Xaar in the UK. This means the Triangle inks will often have been developed for specific print heads before the printer manufacturers have even begun to build their printer. Given this level of integration it is simply ludicrous to imply that Triangle inks won't jet reliably through your print heads. On top of this, Triangle's ink train warranty, which is the most comprehensive in the industry will cover the costs of any repairs to the printers ink train should the damage be proven to have been caused by Triangle inks. All Triangle inks are also covered by Triangle's worldwide ink durability warranty.    



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